Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

What is mirror image?
Mirror image makes the image or text mirror image.
This is important if you want to stick a sticker on the inside of the glass and it must be legible from the outside.

(See example Baby inside sticker)

If you want to stick a logo with text on the paint of your car, motorcycle, etc., it should never be a mirror image.

(See example HONDA logo.)

If you want to stick an image without text (such as a flame or an animal) on the left and right side of your vehicle, you must order one sticker normal and one sticker in mirror image. The image will then be on both sides of the vehicle in the direction of travel.

(See example of the Eagle and of the flames.)



Order color samples
To be sure of the color, you can order color samples here:

Color sample stickers
Color sample striping on a roll of uni-colors
Color sample striping on a roll of metallic colors


Can the stickers be sprayed under the clear coat?
All our stickers can be provided with a clear coat by you, this is of course not necessary because the stickers are weather resistant.


What kind of background do the stickers have?
The stickers do not have a colored or transparent background. After gluing only the sticker remains, through the open parts you can see / feel the surface on which you have glued.


Can the stickers be removed again?
The stickers can always be removed, depending on the surface, this can be done cold or with the help of a hair dryer, which makes the adhesive layer soft and will come off more easily.


How fast will my order be made and shipped?
We process and ship all paid orders at least twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Your order will therefore be shipped within 3 working days.


Can the stickers be mounted by Stickers And Stripings?
If you do not want to assemble the stickers or striping yourself, we can do this for you at our location in Roosendaal (North Brabant). You can email us which product you would like to have mounted, and on which brand and type of vehicle this should come (please include a photo). We will email you a quotation after this.